All About Cats
Cat Behavior Consulting

Cat Behavior Consulting Services
in North San Diego County, California

The mission of All About Cats is to promote harmonious relationships between cats and their people, so that all members of the household can live together peacefully.  My goal is to help people find solutions to cat behavior problems so that cats remain in their homes instead of being abandoned or surrendered to shelters because of correctable behavior issues.

Cat behavior problems are frustrating and stressful, and can have many possible causes.  Through a cat behavior consulting session, you can discover the reasons for the inappropriate behaviors and get effective recommendations to solve them. 

Typically, the process includes the following:  The client completes a questionnaire regarding the cat’s history, living environment and behavior problems.  That is followed by an approximately one-hour in-home consultation, written recommendations, and follow-up communication as needed.

(Please note:  Many behavior problems can be caused by underlying medical conditions, so it is important that the cat be examined by a veterinarian first so that any medical factors can be ruled out or treated appropriately.)

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